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To succeed in today’s world, youth need to enter the labor market with skills that match employers’ demands.  MAM serves this vulnerable population by adding a young-adult component to our existing Employment Services Program.  We include those still in school but considered at risk for dropping out, and those who are neither in school nor working but interested in making a change in their life.  This program sets a strong foundation that could impact generations to come.


Program objectives include:

  • Connecting young adults with job training opportunities, a career development plan and guidance to find a career that is fulfilling.

  • Educating and motivating young adults to develop healthy behaviors and positive work attitudes, as well as providing tools to help overcome the impact of negative learned behavior and peer pressure.

  • Increasing the number of high school graduates in the Spring Branch area and greater Houston.

  • Assisting young adults who dropped out of high school to earn their GED. 

  • Increasing the number of young adults with marketable skills.

  • Teaching the basics of financial management so they can live within their means.

According to the Kinder Institute, there are over 110,000 at-risk youth and young adults age 16-24 in Houston.

These same young adults are beginning to make decisions and assert their independence, but are faced with limited employment options.

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Daily, Monday - Friday at 10:00 a.m.

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