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Donate to MAM Disaster Relief & Recovery

For more than 40 years, families have been turning to MAM for help during times of crisis, including hurricanes, floods, fires, loss of jobs, medical emergencies, etc. MAM is dedicated to providing immediate and long-term support to those affected by these devastating events. 

Through MAM's Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund, impacted families receive financial assistance for basic needs; gas, clothing, and furniture vouchers; rent and utility assistance; and help related to disaster-related recovery and rebuilding efforts as they work to rebuild their lives and communities. 

Together, we build stable families, a dynamic workforce, and vibrant communities. Together, we restore hope. 

“We are people of faith and community.  We will continue to be prudent, but not fearful, trusting that together we will provide the love and support our neighbors will need in the coming days and months,”

--Sonja Gee, MAM President & CEO

Want to help?

Consider a donation to MAM's Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund

Our community and the City of Houston have been greatly impacted by the severe storms of May 16, 2024. Many are still without power, and the widespread damage still being assessed is extensive. Through the Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund, MAM provides assistance responsive to the needs of our community. 

Our community is stronger because of you! If you are not in need of assistance and would like to show support for your neighbors, please consider making a donation to the Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund:

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