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Medical Assistance

Addresses urgent physical illness, mental illness, access to health care for uninsured patients, and preventive health. The goal is to prevent workplace absenteeism resulting in lost wages and school absenses due to illness. MAM helps by providing:


  • Limited medical assistance and prescription drugs

  • Application assistance for public benefits such as food stamps, CHIP, Medicaid and Gold Card​

  • Immunizations and Eye Exams for Children

  • Medical Screenings and Eye Exams for Adults

  • Flu Shots

View a schedule of upcoming medical services here.



MAM can provide vouchers to MAM Resale Store for up to $40 worth of adult clothing and $20 worth of children’s clothing.



Those who are hungry receive lunch bags and referrals to partner neighborhood food pantries who agree to help MAM clients. MAM staff provides food stamp (SNAP) application assistance.


Homecare Packs

MAM can also offer a variety of in-kind donations that can help to stretch a family budget such as toiletries, household cleaning products, disposable diapers, etc. Subject to availability and only for engaged and active MAM clients.



MAM can povide gasoline vouchers or Metro-money to facilitate travel to work, job interviews or medical appointments.



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