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Part 4: How MAM Saved Our Christmas

Cynthia, a single mom, living with her mom Marcela, and daughter Sophie, faced life changing events due to Hurricane Harvey.

(Read Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 of their story.)


Looking back on that day, Cynthia was so scared to walk through the doors at MAM. It was not quite three months ago when she and her mom brought supplies to help other people! How could things change so much in so little time? What if they didn't believe she was the one who now needed help? What if they didn't have any answers for her? What if MAM couldn't help?

Every single one of those fears melted away when she walked up to the front desk and saw a smiling face. She was greeted with hope and possibilities. Cynthia would receive help paying December's rent and began working with MAM's Employment Services program to find a new job. She also met with one of the Mental Health Counselors to deal with all of the stresses and changes that happened since the hurricane.

Last week, just one week before Christmas, Cynthia got a new job and MAM's Christmas Share program provided gifts for Sophie. Things were going to be okay. This Christmas, they were truly blessed. Hearing Sophie laughing downstairs, Cynthia said a silent prayer of thanks for MAM and the help and support she was given.


This holiday season, you can help a family when there is nowhere else to turn.

With your donation, families will be able to stay in their homes and learn skills and tools that will help them be self-sufficient in the year to come.

Please consider a gift in the final days of 2017

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