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Rudy & Katherine, Part 3

September, 2006

Rudy gave Katherine a hug on his way out the door for work. How their family had changed over the years!

Their oldest daughter graduated from high school last year and was now working in a real estate office. With the other two children in high school, Katherine knew this was the time for her to 'pay it forward'. She was going to be a volunteer in MAM's Family Assistance Department two days every week! Katherine knew how hard it was to ask for help, and she was going to make certain the families she met with were treated with the same compassion, respect and kindness shown to her and Rudy when they needed help so many years ago.

Katherine met with hundreds of families over the next 10 years and never forgot the shame and hopelessness she and Rudy felt when they first walked into the door at MAM. She also remembered the volunteer who made them lay down that shame and accept the help offered to care for their family. He restored their hope and let them know they were not alone. My, what a fine man he was! She strived to be that kind of person for the families she interviewed.

Katherine's heart wanted to work with families and she also enjoyed the camaraderie of like-minded volunteers. She later added more days to her volunteer schedule and began working in the donation center, both positions making her feel she was helping her community. She and her family were so very blessed.

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