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Volunteer Eligibility and Guidelines

We try to keep requirements to a minimum, but here's what we need of new volunteer tutors:

  1. Complete New Tutor Training at MAM Wilcrest (approximately 6 hours - training is free and is scheduled regularly).

  2. Be 18 years of age (or older), OR be between 16 and 18, and willing to co-tutor with a parent or guardian (who must also complete the tutor training)

  3. Speak, read, write and understand English well enough to communicate clearly.

  4. Be willing to fulfill any tutoring commitment made, as far as is possible, and make all efforts to ensure that disruptions to the class schedule are kept to a minimum. Attend scheduled classes regularly, arrive on time, stay for the complete lesson time, and as far as is possible, communicate with MAM staff in advance of any absence or lateness.

  5. Follow all MAM class policies, including class set-up and attendance policies, keeping accurate class attendance records and not allowing attendance by any student who is not an official member of the class. 

  6. Use the curriculum and other resources provided by MAM for class planning and follow MAM guidelines and policies regarding class content and lesson planning. Respond to reasonable learning needs and requests of the learner(s), as far as is possible. 

  7. Agree to return all borrowed resources and other materials in a timely manner. 

  8. Demonstrate appropriate behavior, understanding that MAM  may dismiss volunteers for any of the following behaviors:

    • Disrespect or insensitivity to learners, staff ,or other agency partners; 

    • Use of offensive language, including language on clothing; 

    • Harassment (any behavior perceived as offensive, after being asked to stop); 

    • Disruptive, threatening, or aggressive behavior; 

    • Possession of a weapon; or 

    • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while on site. 

  9. Respect MAM policies of non-discrimination at all times. 

  10. Maintain learner privacy by not disclosing ANY personal information, including names, personal details, and learning progress, about any students, to any outside person or agency. Understand that confidentiality is very important to MAM and respect learner privacy at all times. 

  11. Agree to meet at an authorized tutoring site, and not organize tutoring sessions to take place in either the volunteer's home or in the home of a student, or at any other unauthorized location. 

  12. Be able to get to the tutoring site without assistance from the program or a student, and understand that volunteers may not ride with, or offer a ride to, students to or from class. 

  13. Understand that MAM does not offer childcare, and not bring children to the office. 

  14. Agree not to date a learner, or enter into any business relationship with a learner, while a tutor. 

  15. Agree not to accept gifts above approximately $25 in value from learners, and not give money, or goods above approximately $25 in value, to learners.

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