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MAM is Here to Help: Disaster Relief Begins

People waiting for supplies during Houston Freeze 2021
Photo Credit: David J. Phillip/Associated Press

Our community and the City of Houston have been heavily impacted by this week’s winter storm. Many are you are still without power and water, or are feeling the lasting effects with broken pipes and water damage. Our hearts go out to all of you. And if you need help, MAM is here to serve our community again with Emergency Winter Freeze Assistance.

There are many families in our community that will have added difficulty coping with the conditions of this latest freeze. Budgets will be stretched to replace lost food due to power outages and items damaged by water. Still there are others who will struggle to pay for plumbing repairs, structural damages or insurance deductibles.

Many of you have supported our neighbors before and we are all stronger because of you. Every one of us can say a prayer on behalf of someone who needs a little extra help. Some of us are able to do more. If you would like to help our community get through this disaster, please consider making a donation to the Emergency Winter Freeze Assistance Fund. Your previous generosity has allowed us to keep families safely housed and we hope you will join us again.


If you know of families who might need help, please share with them for the requirements and qualifications for assistance.


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