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Disaster Relief Fund for COVID-19

Dealing with a world-wide crisis of unknown duration may be one of the most difficult things most of us will ever deal with in our lifetime.  For families with no safety net, the crisis may be unbearable.

For nearly 40 years, families have been turning to MAM for help during times of crisis, including hurricanes, floods, fires, loss of jobs, medical emergencies, etc. It may take a few days or weeks before people begin to contact us, but when they arrive in the coming weeks and months, we will provide the care they need.

MAM deals with some of the most vulnerable families in north and west Houston. Families living in poverty – living paycheck to paycheck.  Many are working in the service industry or working day to day because they don’t have the proper work documentation.  Will they have money to pay the rent, buy food and keep their homes clean and safe?

“We are people of faith and community.  We will continue to be prudent, but not fearful, trusting that together we will provide the love and support our neighbors will need in the coming days and months,” said Sonja Gee, MAM President & CEO.

Make a donation to the MAM Covid-19 Relief Fund

We invite you to help people with heightened vulnerabilities at this time.  100% of your gift will go toward our work to make certain all those negatively affected by the Covid-19 Crisis will have what they need to survive.​

Make a Gift Online While we are all working remotely, we will continue to access our mail as much as possible.

You may send your donation by mail to:

Memorial Assistance Ministries

Office of Fund Development

1625 Blalock Road

Houston, TX  77080

Please indicate ‘disaster relief’ either on your check’s memo line or in a note.


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