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Call for Temporary Resale Volunteers

MAM has one of the most dedicated volunteer forces in the city, but some of our volunteers will be unable to return right away. We are looking for our supportive community to fill the gap.

For anyone NOT classified by the CDC as an at-risk individual (65+, pregnant, have compromised immune systems, history of heart failure, severe asthma or lung disease, on dialysis, or uncontrolled diabetes or HIV), please consider signing up as a temporary volunteer to work in the Resale Store and/or Donation Center to get our Spring Branch institution open again!

We love our MAM Volunteers and consider them to be family. Protecting those that are vulnerable to this coronavirus is top in our minds, so many volunteers will be staying home. If you are temporarily out of work, working from home but looking for a break in your day, a responsible teen aged 16+, an office looking for a team-building activity, or simply have never thought about volunteering before, please join our MAM family.

MAM administrative offices and program facilities will remain closed through Friday, May 29th, except for minimal staffing and essential, authorized client appointments. MAM will continue operating virtual assistance and education programs where practical. As those programs transition back to MAM, volunteers will be contacted about their return.


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