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But for the Grace of God

Carla* is a human resources manager who always thought of herself as “solidly middle class.” Her husband, Garrett, worked as a home health aide. Their combined salaries were just enough to meet their needs and send their two sons to college, with help from grants and scholarships. But Garrett was laid off in March, and the timing could not have been worse. They had just bought a new car and spent the last of their savings paying off debt and college expenses for the boys. When she was referred to MAM, Carla was embarrassed and in tears.

“In my role at work, I’m always the one to find solutions for our employees. Why can’t I do that for my own family?”

Their sons, ages 20 and 22, had to come home from college in March when classes moved online. “They’re eating us out of house and home!" said Carla. She never thought she would be in line at a food pantry, but realized she had no choice and waited two hours to receive a box of donated food. MAM paid their May rent and brought all their utility bills current. Garrett was referred to Employment Services, where a job coach helped him re-write his resume and sign up for the Employment Certification Program. And this summer, their sons are enrolling in Pathways for Young Adults, a program designed for unemployed youth ages 18 to 25 who need help getting their first job and building a path to self-reliance.

Carla never thought her family would be in a situation where they had to ask for help. Today, MAM is seeing more families like Carla’s looking for help and guidance. It has never been more important to remember that we are all in this together.


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* Client name changed and stock photo to maintain privacy.


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