Meet Memorial Assistance Ministries’ New CEO: Sonja Gee

Original article from the Spring Branch District website.


Sonja Gee brings a passion for asset-based community building and an entrepreneurial spirit into her new leadership role at Memorial Assistance Ministries. Stepping into the role of President and CEO at this Spring Branch non-profit, Gee has eagerly taken the reigns to continue serving the community with an emphasis on empowerment.

“It’s great to work in an organization that is so established in the community,” says Gee. Memorial Assistance Ministries was founded in the 1980s, when local churches sought to respond to the financial downturn that cost thousands of people their employment. Churches banded together and pooled their resources to provide food, rental assistance and clothing for local families. This initiative spurred the formation of “Zip Code Assistance Ministries,” as churches volunteered to serve specific zip codes, to efficiently address needs around the city.

Out of this effort came Memorial Assistance Ministries, which has grown from a small food pantry to a 501(c)(3) that serves a huge diversity of needs. “Every piece of MAM is important. There is a lot of value in the fact that families can have multiple needs addressed at one location,” says Gee. “Clients know we have their best interests in mind, and we understand the complexity of their situations,” she explains. Having this home-base for social services saves families the hassle of locating and traveling between multiple disconnected service-providers.

With partners such as Spring Branch ISD, Communities in Schools, healthcare providers, and many more, MAM welcomes the support of the Spring Branch and the Houston community to holistically serve people seeking assistance. This is a perspective that Gee wants to continue permeating throughout MAM. “Non-profits can easily have more of a transactional approach, because focusing on community engagement to find true solutions takes