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Press Release: MAM President & CEO Martha Macris Graduates from American Leadership Forum

HOUSTON, TX - Martha Macris graduated from the American Leadership Forum’s Class XXXIX at the commencement ceremony held today. Martha is the President and CEO of Memorial Assistance Ministries.

The American Leadership Forum (ALF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to join and strengthen diverse leaders to serve the common good. ALF strengthens Fellows’ capacity to address public issues collaboratively and builds a strong leadership network to work for positive change in our community. Each year, established leaders from various sectors in the community participate in a yearlong, national caliber leadership development program in which leaders can engage in dialogue, explore differences, and build relationships. The program consists of monthly seminars on topical issues to stimulate inquiry, analysis and solutions for the public good. The result is a lifelong fellowship of highly connected leaders who strengthen and broaden the social fabric of the community.

Upon graduating from the American Leadership Forum, Senior Fellows serve as committed catalysts in Houston, bringing stakeholders from all walks of life together to create opportunities to work together and to address urgent public concerns. A class of Fellows is selected from a broad range of leadership reflecting social, ethnic, gender, geographic, political, religious and work sector diversity. Fellows are selected based on demonstrated outstanding leadership and potential for growth, integrity, professional stature, commitment to the community beyond their profession, willingness to learn, to challenge assumptions, and to increase understanding and awareness of others.

More than 1,200 leaders have participated in a Fellows Program through the American Leadership Forum, now celebrating its 35th Anniversary. ALF was founded to create a regional network of diverse senior-level leaders across private, public and nonprofit sectors. ALF Fellows and Senior Fellows have created a network that brings together a broad cross-section of leaders committed to building a stronger community. They use collaborative leadership skills to identify and deal with complex regional issues, model servant leadership, and create opportunities to work together in ways that make a significant difference to Houston and its surrounding communities.

In addition to the core Fellows Program, ALF offers programs to join and strengthen leaders in Houston’s medical, public education, criminal justice, workforce development and community development sectors. For more information, please visit


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