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Lessons from Liz: Banking Etiquette

I often wish that I could go to every high school and talk about bank etiquette. No one makes money through fraud or robbery. You are being filmed.

Sometimes poor accounting leads to being overdrawn and can cost you in not only extra fees, but some of your financial future. Unfortunately it can be difficult to correct. If you are one of the people who keeps your checking account balance in your head, you could be in trouble. Consider switching to paper and pencil or a computer program.

What if someone made mistakes when they were younger, but want to change. There is a website called If you have had troubles in the past or have never had a bank account, they can help you. If you are looking to reestablish credit, consider a secured credit card. You supply the money ahead of your charges. Try not to spend more than 30% of the amount to show that you don't need to "max out"

There are people who have never opened an account to keep their money. Every time there is an apartment fire, I cringe to think of how much money has been burned. Mattress compounding (money under the mattress) will be lost. Banks and credit unions are insured.

Treat your bank with the same respect that you want your money treated. The more our volunteers know, the better able we are to help our clients.

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