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Lessons from Liz: What will you learn this year?

Last summer, I realized that I needed to learn some new skills such as Line Dancing, Tai Chi, and the game of Mah Jongg without paying for lessons. I discovered community and senior centers sponsored by Harris County. The closest to MAM is Trini Mendenhall Community Center at 1414 Wirt Road (near Westview). All that you do is register at the front desk the first time you go (no cost). In my case, they just needed the next of kin in case I did serious damage to my body.

Line dancing was not for me as my feet were always "one beat off from the others." I switched to Salsa. I now know that dancing is not my best skill—just glad that I didn't have to pay to discover this. However the domino game of Mah Jongg is something that I really enjoy. Can't wait until I win a game.

Stop by the Mendenhall Community Center to get a monthly schedule or use your computer to see the classes offered. In addition, they have many speakers on a variety of topics. Also stop by MAM and see the offerings available to clients and guests. Plenty of financial classes here.

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