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Rudy & Katherine, Part 2

Easter, 2004

Rudy was busy working all of the overtime that came his way, while Katherine was serving on church committees galore! They finally moved out of their apartment and had their own house. Both of their daughters were in high school already, and their son RJ was a 6th grader crazy about baseball. Rudy was a lucky man and looked forward to taking his family to church this coming Easter Sunday. Katherine and Rudy witnessed many trials and tribulations with their friends at church this year. Lost jobs and illnesses made many families vulnerable and some came close to losing their homes. While everyone in the church helped where they could, Rudy felt blessed that MAM was there to help their friends, as they had been helped by MAM many years ago. Even young RJ saw the hardships that can be faced by families. His friend was having trouble seeing and his family couldn't afford glasses. MAM helped by providing an eye exam and glasses. RJ said this really helped his friend's baseball game! Another friend developed a serious illness and MAM helped with the cost of medicine. Funny to think young boys would talk about things like this. Rudy's new pastor recently visited MAM and spoke last week about how the church community was helping to serve our neighbors when they needed it most by working together with MAM. It made Rudy feel good to know neighbors could count on one another.

and check back tomorrow for what happened next!

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